Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tokyo tea

I'm sure you're familiar with the Long Island tea (vodka, gin, tequila, light rum, triple sec, sour mix, cola) but the Tokyo tea is less popular, though I'm not sure why.  It's mostly the same ingredients as the Long Island, but Midori is substituted for the triple sec (or simply added, if the bar isn't stingy) and no cola.  Sour mix usually.  Back in college my friend Sam told me about 'em.  Once I was 21, I got one at Joe's (if you've been to Santa Barbara, you should know about Joe's).  The bartender garnished with a lime, which was brilliant.  I've had it made by other bartenders who garnish with a cherry, but the drink is already sweet enough.  The bitterness of the lime is much nicer, in my opinion.

I picked up the ingredients, but I went with cheaper booze than I usually buy.  The vodka, gin and light rum were all fine.  The tequila, however, was a bad idea.  Even with using only the slightest splash of tequila, it was off.  Today, I decided to go with some better tequila.  I picked up some Hornitos at the market.  I mixed up a supersized drink this evening.  One shot each of vodka, gin, tequila, and rum, half a shot of triple sec and two shots of Midori.  To that, I added a splash of margarita mix (sour mix is hard to find here) two splashes of soursop juice (an Asian fruit, I can't explain the flavor) and three splashes of 7up.  It's eminently better.  Though a lime wedge would be even better.

Other variations I've been served included pineapple juice instead of sour mix (good, but different) and sans tequila (something to consider if you don't like tequila, but you're making me sad).  And remember, even if it's "normal sized" it's still a lot of booze.  Be careful and have fun!