Wednesday, May 27, 2015

New Direction

It has been a while. What's happened? I got laid off, but was given sufficient warning and an ample severance package. Did some temp work at a good company that wasn't for me. Drank sundry beers (add me on Untappd: johnnydiscard).

What else?

Oh, right. I wrote and published a book! One Cold Day: A Zombie Story

It's about zombies. I've long been a fan of zombie movies, and then later the show The Walking Dead. I've read zombie books too, which is where things get interesting. In movies and TV there's mostly just slow zombies and fast zombies (and one boy band made up of zombies, but that was a shit movie and I won't look up the name). But in books, there's a whole lot of voodoo zombies, there's scientific zombies, there's things we call zombies because there's not a better word.

My book features slow zombies, though that word never gets used. They're "things", "those weird people", and even get called vampire in a state of confusion.

But you're here because of the booze, I know. Well you're in luck because the book I'm working on right now was codenamed Beer Story and it features some great beer imagery. Not sure when it'll be available though.

So anyway, I hope you check out my book. It's available via Amazon Kindle, and if you have Kindle Unlimited you can read it for free.

One Cold Day: A Zombie Story

Have a good one.

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