Saturday, December 31, 2011


While in Arizona last month, I picked up a bottle of Everclear.  I had it at my friend's bachelor party when I was 19 and remembered it being an unpleasant experience.  I also know that it's not meant to be had straight (it even says so on the bottle).  So, I've a bottle in my collection.  I ended up deciding on pineapple juice as a mixer.  And I daresay, it works.  I tend to keep it to just the one drink though, as it's not actually that great tasting.  Everclear imparts a very boozy flavor, even when mixed with more mixer than I would use with something like vodka or light rum.

But what about that bachelor party?  James was, at the time, one of my best friends.  He was also, at one time, quite the hellraiser.  But that was before we met.  You see, James is also several years older, and had put most of that behind him.  He was now a father and also helping to raise his bride's-to-be two boys.  However, the Everclear unlocked something that night (it was probably just the amount he had to drink, and not any specific spirit) and he lost it.  He jumped on a car and ended up punching the windshield a few times, cracking it in several large places.  It took several grown men to pick him up and carry him from the car.  He also could not recognize his fiancee when she finally came home from her bachelorette party (I'm told) and refused to let her in the bedroom.  Somehow the Everclear became the culprit (and not James' obvious problem with alcohol) and the remainder was poured out a few weeks later at a BBQ, and set on fire.  Everclear burns very brightly, in case you wondered.

I've never gone crazy from it.  But don't drink it straight.  It tastes like burning.

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