Monday, January 2, 2012

Blue Moon

On my walk home, I decided I needed beer. Well, not need exactly, but want. I picked up a sixer of Blue Moon bottles, though I think I prefer it in a can. Sadly, 7 Eleven does not carry a wide selection of beer and I should just be grateful they sell Blue Moon at all.

Speaking of Blue Moon cans.  Aside from their superior taste, they are much safer to drink in the shower (over the bottles, not other canned beers.  Or are they?)  OK, so this requires a story too.

Back in college, I was hanging out at my friend Mac's place.  The plan was to eventually walk down to DP and try to find some parties.  Mac said he needed to shower first, so I booted up the DVR and looked for something to watch.  As he left the living room, he went to the kitchen and grabbed an armful of beers, didn't offer me one, and went down the hall.  One episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force later and I'm figuring he must be almost done.  Another episode of ATHF passes and still no Mac.  Finally, halfway through the third he walks into the living room.  Drunk.  It seems he drank all those beers in the shower.  It seemed weird to me at the time.

Fast forward to that summer.  I had purchased a six pack of Mike's Hard Cranberry and was enjoying their crisp flavor on a hot summer day.  Hot for the Santa Barbara area, at least.  I realized I needed to shower before heading out, but wasn't done drinking.  So I took my half full bottle into the shower and drank it while the water washed over me.  I set the bottle on the ground outside of the shower and proceeded to shower as usual.  Therein lies the problem with bottles.  I was too concerned that my hands would not be able to grip the bottle completely and I'd drop it, getting lacerations on my bare feet.

Rewind to this last summer.  I had just discovered Blue Moon cans.  I picked up the last case and wondered how it could be.  I was pleased with the flavor.  But it wasn't until a couple nights later that I discovered just how awesome they could be.  I couldn't sleep and thought maybe a hot shower and a beer afterward might do the trick.  Hold on a sec, I have canned beer.  Blue Moon cans no less.  I grab two from the fridge and head to the shower.  I was free to drink them at my leisure, since even if I dropped it, there'd be no carnage.  Not that I planned on dropping them.  30 minutes and two beers later, I'm feeling much more relaxed.  I towel off and hit the sack.  Sleep achieved.

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