Monday, January 16, 2012


Horchata in of itself isn't alcholic.  Better fix that!  I've been drinking it (Mexican version; without alcohol) since I was five or six.  But it wasn't until college (common theme?) that I tried boozing it up.  Jennifer liked to watch shows like Dawson's Crack.  The plan was to get dinner, head back to her place to watch (ugh) some of those shows and then out to a party afterward.  We'd gotten Mexican for dinner at the now-gone Rincon Taqueria, and I picked up a horchata.  Back at her place, I found myself climbing the walls with how boring the show was.  I checked her cupboard for something to dull the pain and found some Captain Morgan.  I poured a couple of shots in and soldiered on.

This evening I felt like having some horchata.  I don't have any rum at the moment, so I looked around and saw whisky.  Hmmm, that could work.  But wait!  I have Fireball (cinnamon whisky).  Cinnamon goes with horchata.  Let's try that.  It was nice.  Not spectacular, but certainly worth drinking.   I don't know if it exists, but cinnamon dark rum would probably go well.  I'll have to keep an eye out.

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