Thursday, January 5, 2012

Vodka Gummies

I believe it was 2007.  Stefani told me about a gift she had received from a friend: vodka soaked gummy bears.  She said they were awesome.  I wanted to get her something she would really like for her birthday, so I found the recipe and tried it out.  I was sold.  She loved her gift.

I've actually made several batches since then, but it's not something that I think to make very often.  You see, the problem lies in the prep-work.  If I want, say, a Bloody Mary, and have the ingredients, I can make one and have it in a very short time.  Vodka gummy bears takes about 24 hours for the vodka to soak in sufficiently.  48 hours are even better.

The beauty of the vodka gummy bear (aside from its glistening adorableness) is that different flavored gummies can be used, and different flavored vodkas, too.  Do you like lime?  If you're willing to sort your bears, you can fill a small sandwich bag or lidded cup (being able to seal the container is a good thing) and pour enough lime vodka (why not?) over them to cover, and toss it in your fridge for a day.  I recommend using a spoon or toothpick to eat them with, as they are rather slimy.

I waited 48 hours and then dug in this evening.  I had used standard gummy bears and soda flavored gummy (barrels?), along with some French vodka.  When they were gone, I saw there was some vodka-syrup left over.  So I poured a little club soda in the bowl, swished it about and drank down a mouthful of boozy childhood memories.

Edited 12/JAN/12 (because it didn't really have an ending, as so much just stop):
As I watched a Seinfeld re-run, I felt quite inebriated, but it didn't make sense at first.  Despite the fact that there was quite a bit of vodka (I didn't measure, so I'm really not sure how much) I hadn't "drank" more than ounce or two.  So, you should probably keep that in mind should you decide to give these a whirl.  And you really should.

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